Combining play, dance, drama & prop manipulation for an artform that is as fun to perform as it is to perceive

What We Do


High energy entertainment utilizing various circus arts and martial arts props such as:

  • Hoops

  • Poi

  • Staff

  • Sword

  • Nunchucks

  • Juggling


Costumed for event themes and special occasions!


We aim not only to entertain, but to excite & delight, both through performance and through sharing the knowledge of flow arts.

How We Work 


We customize our performance for every event!


Choose from the following performance types:

Showcase: 10-30 minute sets of choreographed performances with 5-15 minute breaks
(Main Stage Style)


Ambient: Continuous low-key performance with short breaks intermittently & longer performer presence 


• Interactive: Introduction to flow arts, 10-20 minute demonstration, beginner mini-lessons, and "free flow" play time with basic circus props (hoops, poi, juggling).
Fun for kids of all ages!

Fire Flow
Contemporary fire performance including hoops, poi, sword, staff, nunchucks, and juggling.
Circus Flow
Costumed for themed events and special occasions.
Glow Flow
LED glow props to illuminate nighttime or indoor events.
Interactive Flow
Hands-on flow fun for kids of all ages!
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